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Sunny Isles Engagement Session with Yvette + Diego

Catching up with old friends and meeting the love of their life is just the coolest thing, ever! Yvette and I went to college together... even high school and middle school! It was really so amazing to hear about her career in journalism and meet her fiancé Diego. He's chef and owner at Temple Street Eatery, and next time I'm in Miami I need to go and try his ramen! These two love to laugh and get silly, and are so in love that it just made me melt! Also, I just have to mention that the cotton candy sky was incredible, so look for those images below! 

You know those people you spend time apart, but when you get together it's like time never passed? Well, that's what it was like! Especially with all the outfit planning and texting we did beforehand! Life is so moving so fast, but please keep in touch you two! I loved every minute with you, I'm so looking forward to seeing photos of your wedding in November and am so beyond happy you found each other! 

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