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Bryan + Velia Downtown San Diego Engagement Session

Bryan and Velia are hands down THE BEST! They are so fun, in love, and did I mention fun!? From day one, these two friends of friends quickly turned into my own friends too and what could be better than that? I’m so excited for their wedding in Coronado at the end of this month, so check back next year for a recap of their big day! 

Back to their Downtown San Diego Engagement Session: These two are so comfortable with each other and it was so beautiful to witness with my camera. We got tons of great stuff for them to use in their wedding guestbook and to hang on the wall in their home. 

They drove down from LA and spent the afternoon with me (and with daylight savings it was literally 2:30pm when we met up! Ha!). We stopped at a few fun spots I mapped out, then took a Lyft to the bridge and wrapped up after sunset. We got silly, explored, talked about everything under the sun, and can I just give a shout out to Jacque for connecting us! 

Bryan is so caring and I love the way he just kisses Velia all up! And Velia is always starting off jokes and is so sweet and I just love her. The two of them are planning their wedding entirely together, like their level of organization + teamwork is off the charts! Plus, they have crazy busy schedules, with jobs and grad school, and will be heading to Hawaii for their honeymoon on New Year’s Eve- what a whirlwind! Bryan and Velia, I had a blast with you and cannot wait for all the exciting celebrations this month!!