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8 Ways I’m Refocusing For 2018 


Happy New Year!! I know this space has mostly been all about my clients, but I’d love to add a little bit of personal in here too! I love starting fresh for the new year and I’d love to share 8 Ways I'm Refocusing for 2018.

This year I want to be thoughtful in my actions and words, have self love and be present. Last year was a whirlwind and I am so ready refocus and take on 2018! Here are 8 ways I’m doing it: 

1. YOGA! No one ever talks about yoga with that level of excitement, but I am excited because it puts me in my happy place and brings me into the  present. I’ve been feeling so inspired by all those yoginfluencers on instagram feed… 

2. Not check Instagram in bed. This is going to be a HARD one. I am totally one of those people guilty of scrolling when I wake up. I want to start the day feeling refreshed, giving my family attention and getting ready for the day. After that it’s game on haha!  

3. Edit personal photos. This always gets put on the back burner, but it would make my friends and family so happy and who knows, maybe I’ll even feeling like blogging some of them! 

4. Managing my time. You know when you realize it’s 8pm and you haven’t started making dinner, haven’t exercised, forgot about that errand and feel like you’re losing at life? Maybe? Well, I have and I am totally changing that this year! 

5. Slowing down. I feel like I blinked and 2018 is here! I’m constantly thinking about what is happening next month and getting caught up in the calendar that I want to enjoy “the now” a whole lot more.

6. Self Care. More facemasks and home manicures please! 

7. Drink more water. This is an important but easy one, and I just set a reminder for each day to help me do it! 

8. Take on the big things. The hard things. I want to remind myself to dream my dreams and JUST GO FOR IT!!! 

Thanks @JessieLeighPhoto for the photo!

I can’t believe it’s another new year! Let’s make it a good one!