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Downtown San Diego Administration Building Elopement 

Claire and Dan’s Downtown San Diego Administration Building Elopement was so much fun!!! Claire has such a bubbly personal and Dan’s calm demeanor just compliments her so well- spending this crisp February morning with them was a wonderful time. We started off by checking in to the Clerk’s office, having their super quick outdoor ceremony and following it up with photos of the two of them around the property and Waterfront Park. They live nearby and visit often, so this space was meaningful and I’m just so glad it was such great weather to capture them in it. 

One thing you’ll notice is Claire’s super chic white pants and romantic blush blazer. I also loved Dan’s casual yet sophisticated men’s wear was so good looking, but appropriate for a morning elopement. Claire’s modern stacked engagement ring set was jaw dropping and custom made by ___ locally in Solana Beach. Her handkerchief is an heirloom, and it totally hit home for me because I had the exact same one from my husbands grandmother as my something borrowed. I love finding connections like that, ah it just gives me chills! 

I loved getting to know them, being their only witness- I even signed their marriage license! Their reception is coming up later this year and I know they are just the chillest couple looking to have a great time celebrating with friends and family. I love people like you! 

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